How Limitless Shopping Gained Limitless Leads and Sales

Limitless Shopping, a UAE-based e-Commerce company, wanted a strong website that would enable them to grow their business. However, their first online attempt did not succeed. The bulk of their website’s traffic was because of branded search and from catalogue mailings which resulted to an increased cost in new customer acquisition and low conversion rates. Its website was also outdated and was not ranking well for its target keywords.

That’s when Limitless Shopping collaborated with Strategic Infinity. Using its expertise on digital marketing and lead generation, we utilized a two-pronged strategy: Increasing Limitless Shopping’s online exposure, and converting traffic into profitable results, by generating leads and increasing sales.

To increase its online exposure, we created a website that was search engine – optimised so people could find the brand on search engines. The website was also integrated to an intelligent CRM that enabled their sales and marketing team to segment the database and send personalised emails to customers. We also set up advertising campaigns on social media and search with curated ads with each stage of the customer journey including awareness, consideration and conversion.

After they saw a considerable increase in traffic, we also worked on conversion optimisation of all landing pages making sure that all CTAs were clear and users can easily navigate the site. We set up in-cart notifications to increase the sales, which reminded users to add related products to their cart whenever they buy a certain item. For instance, when they bought a sanitising machine, we prompted them to buy the liquid solution. We also deployed a coupon strategy to bring back their existing customers.

As a result, Limitless Shopping significantly improved their search engine rankings, non-branded search traffic continued to increase from 500 web visitors per month to more than 10,000, converting at above 2%, and getting over 200 new customers monthly online. Our ad strategy for Limitless performed better as well with increased conversion rates and a much lower cost per lead.

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