The Moment When Charles Zuber Increased Website Visitors and Conversions

Charles Zuber is a Geneva-based high jewellery and luxury watch brand known for its prestigious, top-of-the-line creations inspired by the Swiss designer Charles Zuber. The brand wanted to have a website specially for their Perfos watch collection that will truly highlight their expertise in well-crafted watchmaking, and at the same time, will also serve as an e-Commerce site. They wanted a creative idea to highlight the special moments that each watch in the collection was curated for.

With Strategic Infinity’s expertise on website development, we designed a website that ensures a meaningful user journey and maximises the engagement of website visitors and increases conversion.

First, we chose the Meet in the Moment concept, a combination of a great visual medium using attractive, high quality photography and persuasive content, where we presented the elegant timepieces as a rendezvous of special occasions and memorable experiences, called the Charles Zuber moment.

Each page was designed with elements and content that reflected the brand’s identity and the overall theme of the website. The watches were designed for each moment, such as Sport, Opera, Racing, and Skiing. For each watch, the user would order with customized buttons titled “Meet Me Here”. This would take the user to a page with curated music and animations of the moment, which had a conversational form that asked the user what they would like to drink during the meeting. Once the user filled the necessary details, there were asked to choose a meeting from available time slots.

We perfected the key navigation elements, page flow and functionality of every page, created customised experiences for each demographic.

Secondly, we conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to determine the most suitable and competitive strategies that will be implemented on the website to ensure a flawless user experience and high conversion rate. Then, we conceptualized on its theme, structure, layout, colour scheme, content and user navigation.

On the ecommerce setup, we optimized the customer’s purchase process, added in-cart notifications and transformed the experience to a luxury store visit. As a result, Charles Zuber now has a beautifully designed website with high traffic, low bounce rate, and increased conversion.

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